Colombia – El Páramo


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ORIGIN: El Páramo, Aponte, Nariño


TASTING NOTES: Dark chocolate, hints of date sugar, cherry juice, raisin bread pudding.

BACKGROUND: This honey processed coffee comes from an indigenous group in a nearby region called Aponte, just east of Buesaco town. Our "Aponte" honey process blend is made up of coffee from the broader Aponte region, whereas this lot is comprised of three neighboring farms in the Aponte Vereda of 'El Páramo'. The people of Aponte are Inga, a pre-Colombian ethnic group related to the Incas, their native tongue being Inga Kichwa. Aponte is located in a misty paramó region around 1900 meters above sea level and the farmers in this growing region produce mainly Caturra an Variedad Colombia, the latter being a disease resistant hybrid. What's interesting about the coffee from this region is that honey processing is the standard post harvest process method. Each producer handles their own processing at home too, which can mean quite a bit of flavor variation from one neighbor to the next. The land where the coffee is grown is owned by the community, but each producer is in charge of specific plots and can sell the coffee they produce. Honey Processing is a processing method where the coffee cherry and some of the fruit is mechanically removed, leaving behind a thin layer of fruit which is then laid out on raised beds to dry. Drying can take more than 2 weeks, the prolonged exposure to the coffee fruit causing a very subtle and slow fermentation to occur, and often imparts fruit-like flavors in the coffee itself.

PROCESSING: Wet Processed (Washed), Honey Process

DRYING METHOD: Covered Sun-Dried


CULTIVAR: Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Typica

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