Costa Rica – Tarrazu Cafetales de Dota


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ORIGIN: Dota, Tarrazu, Costa Rica


TASTING NOTES: Bittering Cacao, Caramelized Sugar, and Raw Pistachio Nut

FARM NOTES: Dota is a small subregion adjacent to the Tarrazu valley proper, more remote than the areas where most of the coffee in Costa Rica is planted. Great Dota coffees are fairly small sized seeds, with compact density due to the high altitudes they are cultivated at. Some roasters used to believe that the unique Dota cup character was the result of extra fermentation times at the mill during the wet-processing of the coffee. But in fact it is processed the same way that other Tarrazu coffees are, mechanically washed with demucilagers. If there is difference, it may have more to do with the unique soils that are found in the Dota micro-region of Tarrazu, and the tradition of harvesting the coffee cherry very ripe.

PROCESSING: Mechanically Washed

DRYING METHOD: Patio Sun-Dried


CULTIVAR: Caturra, Catuai

**Photo Credits: Sweet Marias**

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