Inzá Veredas Vecinas


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ORIGIN: Vereda San Rafael, Inzá, Cauca


TASTING NOTES: Raw sugar and cocoa bittering, baking chocolate aftertaste.

FARM NOTES: This "Veredas Vecinas" lot is from a producer in Vereda San Rafael, of Inzá. The province of Inzá is located in Southwestern Colombia within the greater Department of Cauca. As you make the drive from La Plata to Inzá, you follow the Rio Páez, and an eventual crossing over a suspension bridge lands you on the road to the villages. Like much of Colombia, Cauca is home to very high altitude farms, many above the 2000 meter mark. This is a wet-processed coffee, most farmers in the region are using small depulpers to process the coffee cherry at home, fermenting and washing in the same tank and then drying out on covered drying patios or beds.

PROCESSING: Wet Process (Washed)

DRYING METHOD: Covered Sun-Dried


CULTIVAR: Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Typica

BREWING METHODS: This coffee brews well in all methods including espresso.

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Weight 340 g
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