Burundi – Agahore


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ORIGIN: Gaterama Village, Gitega


TASTING NOTES: Blackberry Jam, Red Raisin, natural dried apricot

FARM NOTES:This coffee comes from the Agahore farm and wet mill site in Gaterama village, located in the Gitega area, Bugendana Commune. With the Mubarazi River running through the land, they have good access to clean water for wet processing. That's a bit of a moot point for this particular coffee, a dry process lot, processed in small batches in order to isolate some of the best resulting cups, and using no water whatsoever. Dry process, often referred to as "natural process", is when you lay the whole cherry to dry rather than removing before drying. It's the oldest method of processing coffee down to the green seeds/beans, and tends to impart fruit flavors as a result of the fermentation that occurs within the cherry and longer time it takes to dry the coffee (upwards of 3 weeks).

PROCESSING: Dry Processed (Natural)

DRYING METHOD: Raised Bed Sun-Dried



**Photo credits: Sweet Marias**

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