Ataco Finca Ganuza


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ORIGIN: Ataco de Concepción, Ahuachapan


TASTING NOTES: milk chocolate, cocoa powder, brown sugar, sweet cream

FARM NOTES: Withing the Apaneca Llamatepec mountains, in the Municipality of Concepción de Ataco, lies the 25 hectare Finca Ganuza. The small community where Ganuza farm is specifically located is called "Rio Paz", and farmer Jose Alejandro Cornejo is the 4th generation Cornejo family member to manage coffee on this land. Alejandro still has Bourbon growing in patches within the farm, with spots of disease-resistant, Timor Hybrid types too, such as Tabi and Ana 14. Jose Alejandro is a member of the nearby cooperative where he is able to take advantage of a full suite of processing machinery and coffee drying space to process his coffee.

PROCESSING: Wet Process (Washed)

DRYING METHOD: Patio Sun-Dried


CULTIVAR: Bourbon, Catimor, Timor Hybrid

BREWING METHODS: This coffee brews well in all methods including espresso.

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